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The Bentley Beyond100 strategy has sustainability at its core and will reinvent every aspect of the business to deliver the manufacturer's target of becoming the leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility. This goal will be achieved by driving transformation across Bentley’s entire operations and products along with a paradigm shift throughout the organisation.

The Beyond100 strategy highlights the business’ plans to provide extraordinary mobility for the next century, evolving from the world's largest producer of 12 – cylinder petrol engines to having no combustion engines within a decade; reinventing Bentley as a leader in Sustainable Luxury Mobility.

Bentley is making significant progress with their Beyond100 strategy and continue to forge ahead, across the entire business from design and development, manufacturing, use phase and end of life. Sustainability is all encompassing and is a part of everything that the manufacturer does to deliver the required impact. The brand strategy interconnects different projects and departments, so Bentley has taken major steps to ensure appropriate alignment across all business plans and goals.

To help maintain that all-important focus and make the desired impact, quarterly meetings with the Board of Management are held to ensure progress against strategy and carry out an annual review. Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy consists of four key quadrants that collectively underpin the future growth of the business: Culture, Capability and Collaboration; Sustainable Luxury; Extraordinary Customer Journeys; and Sustainable Value Creation.

Using these quadrants to ensure that colleagues maintain the exemplary standards expected in line with the Beyond100 strategy, the Crewe based manufacturer aims for high quality throughout its business and thorough integration of sustainable measures into the actions of Bentley colleague’s.

Culture, Capability and Collaboration
Bentley aims to be the most desirable luxury mobility brand to work for, supply to and partner with. To support this aim, becoming the employer of choice, Bentley has developed a culture characterised by collaboration and under pinned by cutting-edge technology and advanced processes. The manufacturer is committed to empowering its people and equipping them with the tools, skills, and behaviours they will need as the organisation drives forward to the future.

Extraordinary Customer Journeys
Bentley is creating a digitally enabled portfolio of products, services and experiences that showcase their commitment to innovation and craftsmanship. Technology has a vital role to play and is of paramount importance in the development of the PHEVs (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles). This portfolio is designed to delight Bentley customers with a magical fusion of technology and craftsmanship that shapes the brand, harnessing unique skills and expertise to provide a leading position in the market.

Sustainable Luxury
Bentley is focused on integrating sustainability into all aspects of its operations as an engine to drive forward leadership in Sustainability Luxury Mobility. This quadrant of the Beyond100 strategy, ensures a relentless focus on the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) elements that will deliver the ambitious goals that have been set.

Sustainable Value Creation
Bentley’s vision is exciting and ambitious. The manufacturer needs to ensure that every part of the business is developing in a way that contributes to the achievement of that vision, by creating value for the organisation and its customers, enhancing the way colleague’s work together and elevating how the luxury brand engages with its stakeholders.