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As the Bentley product portfolio changes, so does their outlook and ethos. The business not only wants to make the world’s most desirable luxury cars, but Bentley also wants to become the most desirable luxury automotive brand to own, use, work for, supply to and collaborate with.

Bentley aims to become the employer of choice in the automotive sector through a clear brand, vision, mission, value, and purpose. As a values-led organisation, the manufacturer aims to match their customer values of sustainability, innovation, and collaboration. All three of these are more important now than ever before in a digital world.

To successfully deliver the Bentley vision, the luxury marque will need a more diverse range of talents than ever before. The idea of Bentley’s Crewe campus competing with Silicon Valley may seem a little far-fetched, but as the automotive and tech worlds grow increasingly closer, attracting and developing future talent will be a game-changer.

Bentley Motors aims to attract and develop people who are curious, creative and who have a growth-mindset. The business will nurture talent from its local area by working collaboratively with local schools and colleges to develop young people. The Crewe Engineering & Design UTC (University Technical College), which Bentley is a founding partner of, will play a key role in this.

At the same time as developing young talent, the automotive manufacturer will also support its own colleagues to transition their skill sets through online learning and development programmes. This will include emphasis on a true culture of inclusiveness, where diversity thrives, and everyone is valued. As part of this, Bentley aims to increase the number of candidates with greater diversity.

Becoming the most socially responsible luxury car brand means that Bentley will also redouble the brands efforts to tackle inequalities and help local communities, particularly in the most disadvantaged areas.

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