Integrity statement

Integrity is one of our five core values. It is inherent in everything that we do, in order to build trust with our customers, business partners and colleagues – and maintain long-term economic success.

As a Volkswagen Group company, we are participating in the Together4Integrity programme, which seeks to ensure that compliance and integrity form the basis of our corporate culture and provide the foundations for how we conduct our day-to-day business.

We have also placed integrity at the core of our people processes and how we interact with business partners and our customers. By making integrity one of Bentley’s five core values and linking it to our internal behaviours of honesty and transparency it is a key element of the benchmarks against which all of our people processes are measured.

As part of this approach, our Managers are role models for the behaviours we expect all employees to demonstrate. Through the Group Essentials programme, which aims to ensure we are living our commitment to integrity, managers are provided with the tools and training needed to drive forward the culture. Employees are encouraged to speak up when they see wrongdoing, and all employees are trained in a comprehensive curriculum of compliance and integrity topics.

We align Integrity to all decisions taken by the Board of Management at Bentley, by reviewing and committing to the following statements for any decisions taken.

  • We base our actions not only on the law, but also on clear values and ethical principles. 
  • We do our utmost to provide our customers with safe, efficient, and sustainable mobility.
  • We value the contribution each employee makes to our success and work together sincerely, responsibly, and in a result-oriented manner.
  • With our cars and services, we also contribute to environmental protection, technological progress and the improvement of quality of life.
  • We require our suppliers, service providers, and sales partners to uphold our compliance and sustainability standards.
  • With our commitment to inclusion & diversity and the local community & environment, we contribute to social cohesion.


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