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Compliance & risk

Compliance Management
Bentley takes a proactive approach to compliance, which, aims to increase employee awareness and knowledge in order to prevent potential rule breaches before they happen. Compliance at Bentley is practiced through mitigating control activities with an overall aim to ensure that all employees act in accordance with internal regulations and all legal requirements. These processes are closely integrated to form a holistic compliance management system.

Our compliance management system enables Bentley to identify compliance risks such as corruption, human rights abuses and money laundering and implement effective mitigating controls such as a comprehensive compliance training curriculum, due diligence processes on all business partners and policies and procedures to enable employees to effectively manage risks.

Risk Management
Risks are defined as internal and external events that may have a negative impact on the achievement of our business objectives, the ability to comply with regulatory requirements and the adherence to, or viability of, company processes.

At Bentley the management and control of risks is supported by a comprehensive Risk Management and Internal Control System (RMS/ICS). The Risk Management System (RMS) covers the principles, procedures and measures to identify, assess, manage, control, communicate and monitor risks. The Internal Control System (ICS) is used to safeguard the principles, procedures and measures (regulations) introduced by the company. The aim of the ICS is to ensure the effectiveness and economic efficiency of business activity.

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